Sunday, April 25, 2010

Long time Since a Post

I have been thinking about posting for a while,but that is all I have gotten round to. As far as MINI E 249 is concerned we have much catching up to do. As of right now ,I have stated that I probably would not renew the lease for another year ,but as times change so do attitudes.Looking at the gas prices in the last few weeks could offer an idea as to why I would consider going another year without it and renew the lease for another year of gas free driving.
On 3/28/10 I experienced a major malfunction of the HV system and had to call roadside even though I made it home. They had 249 taken to the only dealer I have known,Mini of the Hamptons(MOTH) . The dealer is going through a change, of which I am not sure,and cannot as of this time service vehicles.The car was towed to Huntington (Habberstad) for the service,it was eventually sent to New Jersey for a replacement of two battery modules and a new PEU was installed. The folks from both Habberstad and MINI were fantastic ! The car was even dropped off in my driveway after the service was performed. Mind you it took three weeks + for this to transpire ,but since the service was so exemplary from the other dealer and the follow up calls from Mini,my thoughts are that they really care about me. Whatever is going on at the Southampton NY BMW/MINI dealer needs to be fixed or ,just admit the shop is going to close ,it is giving the brand a bad reputation,which will leave a bad taste in many peoples mouths and steer them away from the brand.