Monday, September 14, 2009

Had a nice day yesterday,September 13th 2009 . I drove the car in the morning and got the battery temp icon ,no regen , I don't understand ,the battery temp was 79degrees , air temp 64.
Well after getting to work and restarting her it didn't happen again. Christina and I went to lunch before I drove her to work (which never happens),the only thing was that I had to pick her up later.No problem ,plenty of charge. At 8pm I go to get her and the gauge says there is 50% left good for 54miles.As I drive the 15 mile to pick her up the range drops to when I arrive to 32 mile remaining(27% charge). We get in the car to leave and the battery has flat lined,zero charge no miles left to go. Well,we drove home and the car performed as it should and did not leave us on the side of the road even though it said the battery was dead. Anyone experience this phenominon ?

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  1. Cliff, I just found your blog and read the whole thing. You have been having serious problems the whole time. Do you ever take it to the dealer and tell them to fix it? You will have to leave it because you have intermittent problems.

    I get 100% charge every day on #458

    The gauge is always reliable, none of the goofy behavior you describe.